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Urinary Tract Infections & How to Protect your Cat

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Is your kitty having issues using the litter box? Feline urinary tract infections are not fun for you or your cat. Unfortunately, they can be very common especially in female cats. The main reason why cats get UTI’s is due to bacteria which can form crystals and stones throughout the urinary tract.


black cat walking out of a litter box with a urinary tract infection


The Urinary Tract

The urinary tract consists of 4 parts. The kidneys, bladder, ureters (tubes connecting kidneys to bladder) and the urethra (tube connecting from bladder to outside the body). Any of these working parts can become inflamed or infected. Symptoms can include: straining to urinate, painful urination, frequent trips to the litter box with little to no result, blood in the urine and even accidents outside the litter box. For cats that display any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your Vet as soon as possible. If left for too long, a blockage can form, if it hasn’t already, urine can build up and rupture the bladder. An infection in the urethra left unchecked can migrate to the kidneys causing infection and even kidney failure.


Ways to Protect the Urinary Tract

There are several ways to prevent a UTI. One of the best ways is to have plenty of water available for your cat. Their food is very important for over all health as well. If possible, provide your cat with wet food as apposed to dry food. Having a higher moisture content in food helps the urinary tract to function.

Help keep your cat’s genitals clean, maintain exercise, and keep their bedding clean. UTI’s can also be caused by their environment. Take a look at your cats surroundings. Is there any plants that may be toxic, any areas around the house or yard that could harm your cat or any harsh cleaning products that your cat could get into? Eliminate any potential dangers from your cat’s environment to better their chances of not getting a UTI. No matter now preventative you are, many cats will get a urinary tract infection at some point in their lives.

Another great preventative is NaturPet Urinary Care. It can be used long term regularly as a preventative for pets prone to reoccurring infections. These reoccurring infections can lower immune function and decrease energy levels. Adding Immuno Boost to your cats food can help to boost the immune system and get them back to normal because a healthy pet, is a happy pet!

Lindsey Eadie, CNP
Lindsey Eadie, CNP
Lindsey is a Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC on the Dean’s Honors list where she learned the true healing abilities of whole foods, herbs, and supplemental nutrients. After graduation she worked as a Natural Health Advisor for an integrative pharmacy where she used her nutrition and orthomolecular knowledge to promote the wellbeing of all her clients, including the furry four-legged ones. Her passion for natural health has directly benefited her allergy-riddled female Pyrenes/Bernese Mountain dog named Astro and her anxious Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog Bella. She is currently applying all her knowledge to her position at NaturPet Inc. as an Educator and Account Manager, spreading awareness of natural health alternatives for optimal pet health.

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