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Top 10 Weird Pet Products You Can Buy on Amazon

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top 10 weird pet products you can buy on amazon

Here is a list of weird pet products we found on Amazon that have answered questions we didn’t know we had! There are a few on this list that we would actually buy where as others… well you be the judge!

10. Wine for Cats

cat wine non alcoholic

This one is actually kind of awesome. THE CATBERNET by APOLLO PEAK. First of all it is all natural and only has 6 ingredients: Water, Organic Catnip, Peppermint, Organic Red Beets, Sea Salt, & Ascorbic Acid. Second of all, we are totally buying some for our next dinner party!

Amazon link to buy Catbernet by Apollo Peak

9. Dog Beer

bowser beer dog beer non alcoholic

Again, this one is pretty sweet. Who doesn’t want a drinking buddy! Bowser Beer has 3 flavours: Brown Beefy Ale (Beef), Cock-a-doodle Brew (Chicken) and Porky Pug Porter (Pork). Definitely wanting this for those hot summer days.

Amazon link to buy a 6 pack of Bowser Beer Brown Beefy Ale

8. Dog and Cat Carrier

a doggie carrier like a baby bjorn

Our pets are our babies so it makes sense why people would buy this. What happens though when the dog has to use the bathroom though… Strap your pet to your front or have them on like a backpack, the choice is yours!

Amazon link to buy Cosmos Colorful Pattern Carrier

7. Snuggie for Dogs

a blue dog snuggie

A Snuggie for a dog? Really? We get cute hoodies and costumes but a blanket with arms! However, if someone wants to match their pup when snuggling on the couch then sure… Still made with fleece and is machine washable so that’s a bonus.

Amazon link to buy Snuggie for Dogs

6. Nail Polish Pet Products

nail polish for pets

Whose pet’s would let them sit there long enough to have this done? The painting and drying would take forever and forget trying to apply it to cat nails! Hello scratches to the face. Color Paw comes in a wide range of “trendy” colors and is water and chip-resistant. 

Amazon link to buy Paw Polish

5. Harness for Birds

walking harness for birds weird pet products

Tired of your bird flying around your living room? Now you can walk them outdoors! This pet product comes with a harness and a leash for your daily needs of walking your bird. Hold on. Who needs to take their bird outside?

Amazon link to buy Premier Feather Tether Bird Harness and Leash

4. Cologne for Dogs

dog cologne

For date night with that lovely Poodle down the street. Surprisingly this isn’t $40 to $100 like human cologne so you are saving money right there! Some dogs are a bit smelly but it is still weird that it’s a cologne and not an odor spray. Sex appeal sells, even for dogs apparently. 

Amazon link to buy Four Paws Dog Cologne

3. Poop Freeze

can of poop freeze to help solidify poops

Tired of picking up soft poos? Well now you can instantly harden them with Poop Freeze! A problem that no one new their was a solution to until now. This problem can also be solved through changing your pets diet. Who wants to carry a large can with them on walks?

Amazon link to buy Poop Freeze (Currently Unavailable)

2. The PooTrap

dog poo trap so you don't have to scoop dog poop

It’s just so hard bending down to pick up dog poo and what if you don’t have a bag! The horror!! Now you can strap a bag to your dogs bum and never have to worry about picking up dog poo again! We understand where this pet product is coming from but really? The poor dog has a plastic bag on its butt! How are dogs suppose to say hello on walks now?

Amazon link to buy the PooTrap

1. The Licki Brush

lickie brush for cats

Ever wanted to lick your cat? Well now you can and it’s not weird. Okay, we lied. It is weird. Really weird. Just watch the video… What is the appeal to licking a cat with a fake tongue? There are a lot of weird pet products out there but this one takes the cake.

Amazon link to buy the Licki Brush

Feeling a little more on the serious side? Check out our Shop Page for the latest in natural pet products!

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