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Single on Valentines Day? Take Your Dog on a Date

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If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, don’t let that stop you from celebrating the holiday of love. If you have a dog then you already have the best Valentine’s Day date you could ask for.

Why Dogs Are The Best Valentine’s Day Dates

  • They are the definition of unconditional love
  • They will always forgive you for not being perfect
  • They will never stand you up
  • They will be happy with literally whatever you choose to do

Doggy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Double Doggy Date

If you have a single (or plan-free) friend with a dog on Valentine’s Day, make plans to get together for a double date. The two of you can sip wine while your dogs play together. Put on a movie and bond over your mutual single-life-freedom while a couple of juicy bones keep your dogs happy.

If you don’t have any friends with dogs, we recommend you change that. Bumble is an app that can be used for finding dates, but also just friends. Fill your profile with pictures of you and your dog and mention in your bio that you’re looking for fellow dog-owner friends.

Go On An Outdoor Adventure

We hope you do this more than once a year, but Valentine’s Day is a good a day as any to enjoy the great outdoors! Take your dog to your favourite hiking spot. Let them take a little extra time to smell the flowers (or yellow snow). Spice up your regular hike by packing a little picnic and stopping to share treats. Consider renting a pair of snowshoes and hitting some dog-friendly trails. Just get outside, your dog will love you for it.

Hit a Pet Friendly Hotel or Vacation Rental

If you’re looking to go all out for you and your fur-friend this Valentine’s Day, look in to some pet-friendly hotels or vacation rentals. Take some time away from the stresses of everyday life and reconnect. With yourself and with your dog. Leave your laptop at home and try to forget that your cell phone exists. If you’re in a new area, check out the local hiking trails and dog parks. Order in some delivery and share some of the dog-friendly bites with your friend. It’s always great to get away and recharge, but it’s even better when we get to do it with our dogs by our side.

Fancy Dinner at Home

No one will appreciate a home-cooked meal more than your dog! Turn up the volume on your favourite album and take some dance breaks while you prepare a meal for you and your favourite. Check out our Herb-Crusted Salmon and Spinach Rice recipe that both you and your dog can enjoy!

Bake Some Treats

If you love to bake then why not spoil your four-legged friend with some treats for Valentine’s Day? For something that you can both enjoy check out our blueberry pie recipe for you and your dog. If pie isn’t really your thing you could also try these banana apple dog treats or vital energy bites. Baking is good for your soul. Letting your dog taste-test the ingredients and working in some trick training time is good for bonding.

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