How It’s Made

Formulations that Meet your Pet’s Needs

NATURPET remedies come in a variety of forms with each process chosen to ensure the maximum effectiveness of active ingredients in the remedy. Most are made from a blend of herbs with each ingredient chosen for its ability to synergistically support, balance and/or reinforce the properties of other ingredients.


This refers to liquid herbal remedies that are made using a special low heat saturation process. Our extracts are low in alcohol (6%) and must be refrigerated after opening.


These remedies are made with a cold extraction process and have alcohol content between 45-50%. They have a long shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated after opening.


A unique double extraction process is used which provides a fuller spectrum of extracted phytonutrients. This form of liquid extract does not require refrigeration having an alcohol content between 25-30%.

Glycerine Extracts 

These extracts are also made using a special low heat saturation process but kosher vegetable glycerine is used instead of alcohol. They are alcohol-free and must be refrigerated after opening.


These are made by infusing herbal tinctures and extracts in a base of emollients that help the active ingredients be absorbed topically through the skin.