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Hairless Cats and Why We Love Them

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hairless cats wearing a purple and red shaggy sweater

Hairless cats have a very unique look. Some people love them and some think they look like bald aliens. There are several hairless cat breeds, Sphynx, Donskoy, Bambino, Levkoy, Peterbald and the Elf Cat. They all have very different looks but are all very sweet and loving pets. Whatever your opinion is about hairless cats, here are a few reasons why we love them.

Hairless cats look super fashionable and trendy when dressed up.

hiarless cat wearing a pink and black coat

Hairless cats may look like they are cold but they are pretty similar to us. If we are cold, they will be cold as well. They have a great temperament which makes it easier to dress them up when they get chilly!


These cats are great cuddlers and can be more friendly than other cat breeds.

hairless cat laying on owners lap ready to play

They love being around their families, kids, other pets and even strangers. These cats are very sociable and very intelligent making it easier to train them to do tricks.


They are technically not hairless, they are covered in a thin layer of fuzz.

hairless cat wrapped in a fuzzy grey blanket

Hairless cats should to be bathed weekly. They also don’t have eyelashes so they need their eyes wiped daily. A great way to help keep skin moisturized is to incorporate fish oil into your cat’s diet. A great source of oils for healthy skin can be found in Dr. Maggie’s Skin & Coat and it also improves overall health.


Hairless cats don’t cough up fur balls because they don’t have fur to shed!

hairless cat snuggled under a green and orange blanket

Since they have no fur, they have no protection from the sun. These cats do best inside but if you wish to take them outside, make sure they have a sweater on to protect them! They are very lovable cats and make great additions to the family. If you need some more encouragement to own a cat or even a dog read our blog on 5 Reasons to Own a Pet.


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