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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

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Halloween dog dressed as a witch with pumpkins and candles around

Halloween is just around the corner, is your dog ready? Here are 5 ways to keep your dog safe and happy this Spook-tacular season.

halloween decorations on front porch of house

Halloween Decorations

They are spooky and fun but some dogs only see the spooky. They can be frightened easily or are very curious and want to eat them. Keep decorations away from dogs to ensure they do not eat any parts or feel threatened in their own home.



With the door bell and children screaming “TRICK OR TREAT” at the top of their lungs, dogs will go nuts. Not to mention the Halloween costumes, scary! For the evening place them in an area where they will be away from the noise and commotion. Some dogs love all of the fuss but most of them don’t.


2 buckets of halloween candy dumped out on the flood


Yum! The best part of Halloween! We loooovee our candy but please, please, PLEASE! Do not feed it to your dog! Chocolate, raisins, sugar, and even the wrappers can seriously harm your pooch. When the kids get home from a long night of collecting goodies, be sure to put the pup away so they can sort their candy in peace.


Pumpkin is good for dogs! Yes, but candles and mold aren’t. After Halloween is over, make sure do dispose of your pumpkin so the dog cannot eat it. Jack-O-Lanterns can only last about 5 days before they start to mold. Lit candles and the wax from them can seriously harm your dog during the Halloween season. It’s best to just keep dogs away from Jack-O-Lanterns all together or just put your dog’s face on one!

kids wearing pirate witch and devil costumes in front of pumpkin

Halloween Costumes

Like Halloween decorations, these can frighten dogs and some dogs will try to eat them. If your pup becomes anxious around costumes, try NaturPet Home Alone and place them in a safe space away from people in costume. Fearful dogs can show signs of aggression and might bite. Another good way of helping them stay calm and happy is by giving them their favourite treats, special bones, or even pig’s ears. Help your dog feel safe and happy this Spook-tacular season.

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