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How to help ease your pet’s arthritis discomfort

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September 27, 2016
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Is arthritis limiting your pet’s lifestyle?


Cats and dogs can suffer from arthritis just as humans can, which can cause a serious detriment to your cat or dog’s lifestyle. Arthritis is a common ailment among cats and dogs, especially those cats and dogs who are overweight or who have had previous injuries such as fractures or hip dysplasia.

While arthritis is common in cats and dogs, it can easily be misdiagnosed. Perhaps you have noticed that your cat or dog is spending more time sleeping and less time playing. Your cat or dog may be gaining weight or experiencing mood changes. If you notice this in your cat or dog, you might assume your best friend has a cold or the flu, however it may be arthritis and you should have your cat or dog checked by the vet. Hot or swollen joints, limping or favouring a limb and avoiding running and jumping may also be signs of arthritis in your cat or dog.

How can you help your cat or dog with arthritis?

Weight Management:

Helping your cat or dog maintain a healthy weight helps to prevent arthritis and to lessen stress and pain on affected joints. A cat or dog with arthritis is likely to be less active, and therefore be susceptible to weight gain and energy loss. Cats and dogs both will benefit from a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Try choosing canned food ormaking your own cat or dog food as opposed to dried foods.

Exercise and Rest:

A cat or dog with arthritis will probably be less interested in exercise. While resting will help your cat or dog cope with arthritis, exercise is important for maintenance of good health. Not getting enough exercise may result in your cat or dog having stiff joints, but overexertion will worsen the arthritis pain your cat or dog has. A gentle massage may help offset stiffness and help improve mobility, while allowing your cat or dog to relax, reducing stress and promoting healing.

Recognize Limitations:

Climbing may not be your arthritic cat or dog’s strong suit. Make sure food is easily accessible to your cat or dog with arthritis, and that your cat’s litter box or your dog’s outdoor potty spots is well within reach. Bear in mind, even steps might be tricky for a cat or dog with arthritis.

Pain Management:

NaturPet’s Joint Care helps to eliminate irritating calcium deposits that occur as bone breaks down through wear and tear causing pain and inflammation. Arthritis Relief includes herbs that help to improve circulation and remove toxins in an effort to control inflammation, swelling and pain which will ultimately help restore joint mobility and strength.

Joint Care- helping you provide loving comfort for your pet.



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