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How to help ease your dog’s pain

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October 13, 2016
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November 17, 2016

Dogs can experience discomfort in different ways and for different reasons.

In order to help your dog find relief from pain, you first must recognize that your dog is experiencing pain. Pain in dogs is often difficult to diagnose and so it can be difficult to help your dog experience pain relief. A dog in pain will instinctively hide the pain it is feeling. While this may be helpful for dogs in the wild, it makes it hard for you diagnose pain in your domesticated dog. A dog’s behaviour may change as a result of pain and relief from the pain will allow your dog to return to it’s usual, loving self.

Signs your dog may be in pain

If your dog is acting out aggressively, biting or scratching, whining or whimpering for no apparent reason or is unusually restless or unresponsive, then your dog may have pain that needs relief. Dogs in need of pain relief may react aggressively to normal interaction, such as petting, to hide pain. Dogs in pain may also have trouble eating or sleeping, flatten their ears against their heads, lick continually a certain part of the body or demand an unusual amount of attention.

What you can do to help ease your dog’s discomfort

If you notice these symptoms, help your dog find pain relief as early as possible. Monitor your dog’s exercise; pain may require you to reduce your dog’s exercise. This means it is important for your dog to maintain a healthy diet, to avoid weight gain. In most breeds you should be able to easily feel your dog’s ribs without them being easily visible and without the hipbones being visible.

NaturPet Ouch Relief can be very beneficial for dogs with in pain. It contains many anodyne herbs, or herbs that bring pain relief. Ouch Relief also contains sedative and relaxant herbs that can help calm troubled dogs. Dogs in pain often experience much pain-related stress. Ouch Relief helps to combat stress associated with pain. Ouch Relief also helps improve sleep patterns in dogs experiencing pain. Pain and pain-related stress and can have significant detriments to your dog’s lifestyle and even reduce your dog’s lifespan. That pain and stress relief that NaturPet Ouch Relief provides can help your pet live a full and happy life.

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