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Q & A: Why Does NaturPet Use Ethanol Alcohol?

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November 21, 2017
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November 29, 2017
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Why Use Ethanol Alcohol?

NaturPet uses pure grain ethanol in a number of our herbal products. Ethanol is proven to be the best solvent, carrier, and preservative for the active ingredients in our herbal products. The quantity of alcohol used in these products is completely safe and is equal to the amount of alcohol found in a ripe banana. If you are concerned about the alcohol, you can reduce it by simply adding the measured dose of the tincture or extract to a small amount of hot water, 5-10 minutes prior to giving it to your cat or dog. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate and you will be left with only the herbal active ingredients. Extracts done in glycerine tastes better but are not absorbed as quickly. A slightly larger amount of glycerine is needed to achieve the same effectiveness as alcohol based extracts.


How it Works:

There are a number of major active ingredients found in herbs. Each one has distinct properties requiring different extraction methods. Distilled water on its own is limited in extracting active ingredients but when combined in various ratios with ethanol the extraction is greatly increased.

• Ethanol works to break down the cell wall of plant material releasing active ingredients.
• It allows extractions to be completed at low temperatures or without any heat which helps to maintain the integrity of the herb’s active ingredients.
• Ethanol stabilizes the active ingredients by slowing down any enzyme reactions which would alter or breakdown the compounds.
• It increases the shelf life of products by preserving the quality of the herb’s active ingredients.
• Ethanol enhances the absorption of key ingredients by the body.

NaturPet products tinctures ethanol based not harmful to cats and dogs


NaturPet’s Types of Products:


Medicinal properties of the herbs are extracted using water with a special low heat saturation process. Extracts are low in alcohol (6%), and require refrigeration after opening. NaturPet D Wormer is an example of an extract.


Tinctures are made with a cold extraction process that uses grain alcohol and water. Tinctures are 50-54% alcohol, do not require refrigeration after opening, and have an indefinite shelf life. NaturPet Healing Spray is an example of a tincture.

Extracts in Glycerine

Medicinal properties of herbs are extracted using water with a special low heat saturation process. Glycerine extracts are alcohol-free and must be refrigerated after opening. NaturPet Cell Care is an example of an extract in glycerine.

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