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Dog Worms – What to do and how to identify them

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November 17, 2016
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What You Need to Know About Dog Worms


Tapeworms can look like little grains of rice around the anus or can grow up to 28 inches in  length! Some types of Tapeworms break off pieces of their body and they flow through the intestinal tract. Dogs that ingest adult fleas, small mammals and birds are more likely to contract dog worms.

Symptoms of Tapeworms are harder to tell if your pet is infected. Common signs are diarrhea, weight loss, may bite or lick the anus and may scoot their bums across carpet.



Whipworms are around 3 inches in length with thicker back end and a skinny front end. They are usually found in dogs and on rare occasions in cats. Pets can contract these parasites through eating feces, small animals, food, water and even dirt.

Symptoms of Whipworms include dehydration, anemia, diarrhea containing blood and weight loss.



Roundworms are usually white or light brown and look like spaghetti noodles. They are only a few inches long and can be visible in vomit or stool. Eating of small animals can lead pets to contracting a parasite.  Infected nursing mothers can transmit parasites to their young.

Symptoms of Roundworms include a pot belly (Usually seen in puppies and kittens), weakness, vomiting and or diarrhea, weight loss and visible signs of dog worms.



Hookworms are ½ inch to 1 inch long and are shaped like a hook. Stool eating, garbage eating, mosquitoes and other bug bites can lead to infection. New mothers can infect their young through their milk.

Symptoms of Hookworms include diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and lack of growth seen in puppies and kittens.

sick dog suffering from dog worms

Prevention of Dog Worms

Dog worm prevention is key to ensure pets are healthy and happy. Do not let pets eat smaller animals and make sure to clean up after them. If a dog is known to ingest feces, have a stool sample tested every 6 months. Wash your hands frequently after touching/petting. It’s rare for humans to contract parasites from pets.

How to Get Rid of Dog Worms

To help rid a pet of these types of dog worms NaturPet suggests using  D Wormer. This all natural remedy is easy on the intestinal tract and will remove worms. Simply consult the weight chart for dosing information and drop directly onto your pet’s food. Be sure to give your pet the full dose both morning and evening and continue to administer for one full week after all signs of worms are gone. Most pet’s will need to be on NaturPet D Wormer for about 3 weeks to fully eradicate all worms and their eggs.

The after effects of parasitic worms can leave the immune system weak and vulnerable. This can cause pets to be more prone to infections or recurring parasites. NaturPet suggests using Immuno Boost and Multi-Minerals to help pets back to their happy selves. A healthy pet, is a happy pet.

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