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5 Cats Who Go on More Adventures Than You

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hiking with cats - henry and baloo

When we think of active people bringing their pets along on adventures, we usually think of dogs. But these cats are here to prove that they can kick it on the hiking trails too!

Suki The Bengal Cat From Canada

Suki is a beautiful Bengal cat who lives in Canada and gets to go on more adventures than most people. Her Instagram account is a thing of beauty; showing Suki hiking, camping, canoeing, and more. Suki’s owner, Marti Gutfreund, is obviously a great photographer. She admits to photoshopping Suki’s leash out of the outdoor photographs for a cleaner image.


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Tuna the Emotional Support Animal

Tuna was rescued when Alexis Hinkley was visiting the shelter and found out that the cat would be euthanized in three days. Alexis suffers from anxiety and had Tuna registered as an Emotional Support Animal. This means that Alexis brings Tuna practically everywhere – including hiking and camping trips!

Henry and Baloo!

We’ve written about this dog and cat duo before, but we can’t get enough! Baloo is a Siamese kitty with a big shepherd dog mix brother named Henry. They live in Colorado and their owners are obviously very adventurous – never leaving Henry and Baloo behind. They cuddle and camp together, and Baloo rides on Henry’s back or in his backpack when they go hiking. Their Instagram account is great for adventure inspiration!

Furry Waffles

Apparently, Colorado is the place to be for adventure cats! Waffles was adopted by Karen Nguyen from a shelter in Littleton, Colorado. Karen got Waffles used to wearing a harness and then began bringing her along on hikes and camping trips. You can follow Waffle’s adventures on Instagram.


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Jesper the Swimming Cat From Norway

Jesper from Norway doesn’t like stereotypes. Like the one that says cats don’t like to swim. He joins owner Aina Stormo on fishing trips, hikes, skiing, and yes, even swimming. When Aino picks up too much speed going downhill while skiing, Jesper gets to sit in her backpack. Aino’s advice for training an adventure cat?

“Start at home and train the cat to wear the harness before you go outside. Take small steps when you’re training, and make it easy for the cat to earn snacks and encouragement. The training must be fun for the cat. That is very important.”

Most of these adventurous cats were found courtesy of AdventureCats.org

Amber Bahm
Amber Bahm
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