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Recipe: Catnip Crunch

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We have all heard of Cap’n Crunch but has your cat ever had Catnip Crunch? Well here is our own recipe on making your very own and it won’t destroy the roof of your kitty’s mouth! This is a very easy, healthy treat to make your cat. All you need is 4 ingredients: tuna, egg, catnip and coconut oil. If your cat doesn’t like catnip (we know, weird! But some cats don’t like it.), you can use rosemary, basil or oregano.


Catnip Crunch:

Makes 8-12

1 Egg

A can of tuna

1 Tablespoon catnip

2-5 Tablespoons coconut oil



Step 1:

Add egg, tuna and catnip to a bowl and mix together.

catnip, tuna, and egg in a bowl to make cat treats

Step 2:

Squeeze tuna mix into a ball to remove extra liquid.

mixed tuna, egg and catnip formed into a ball

Step 3:

Form small balls and place into a sauce pan with the coconut oil melted. Best to use a pinching method to form the balls.

catnip crunch treats frying in a sauce pan

Step 4:

On a high heat, fry tuna balls in the coconut oil until crispy, then flip to crisp other side.

frying cat treats in coconut oil

Step 5: 

Allow to cool before feeding to cats.

crunchy treats for cats ready to be eaten



These treats can be kept in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Just a heads up, your house will smell like fish so be sure to open a window or turn on a fan to help with the smell. It may drive your cats crazy waiting for their crunch-tastic treats. When catnip is consumed by cats, it relaxes and calms them but 30%-50% of cats aren’t affected by it. If it is sniffed, it has the opposite effect. Cats will generally be crazier and more energetic.

Though Catnip Crunch is healthy, they should only be given as treats. Tuna is only good for cats in moderation due to their unsaturated fat levels. We hope your cat loves them as much as ours!

This recipe is for cat treats and should not be given in substitute of food.

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