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5 Reasons to Own a Cat or a Dog

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Owning a cat or a dog can be a lot of work but also very rewarding. All the snuggles and loves you want and there are health benefits to having pets! If you have been debating for a while on getting a cat or dog, here are 5 things that will help make up your mind.

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1. A Pet Can Improve Mental Health

Cats and dogs not only make us laugh and smile but they also help to maintain our mental health. Vitamin D is important for mental and physical health. The best source for this is the sun. By taking pets for walks, it not only makes them happy and healthy but it makes us happy and healthy as well. Pets have been proven to lessen loneliness. They increase our serotonin levels which is a chemical in the brain that makes us feel happiness.


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2. They Help People Socialize

Getting out of the house is important to us and our furry friends. Studies show that dogs help us socialize and connect better with the people around us. People become a lot more approachable when they are walking their dog as it’s an easy talking point and isn’t as direct. Dog parks or training classes are a great way to find new friends for us and our best buddies.


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3. Pets Reduce Stress

The brain releases endorphins that lowers the heart rate and relaxes the body when we cuddle our pets. They are great listeners when we are feeling stressed out and need to vent. The best part is, they don’t talk back. They just give you unconditional love! Pets help to focus the brain on being in the moment and reduce worries of tomorrow.


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4. They Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Owning a dog helps us get motivated to get out and explore the world. It’s our job to make sure they are happy and healthy and in return, they do the same for us. Dogs can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart attacks. This also means less trips to the doctors during our lifetime. High blood pressure tends to drop when we play with or pet our animals, it also relaxes us and them.


happy dog pet with a ball in his mouth being hugged by his owner

5.  A Car or a Dog Can Boost the Immune System

Children that grow up with pets in the house have a lesser chance of getting allergies or asthma. That wet dog smell and muddy paws actually boosts our immune system and makes us healthier and stronger to fight off infections. Go on, give a pup a smooch! Pets make us happier and healthier so why not return the favour and give your four legged friend a little immune boost as well! Now that you know all the benefits to owning pets, we hope it helped make your decision a lot easier.





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