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10 Things Pets Do When We Aren’t Home

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We hate to leave our pets at home but do you ever wonder what they do in a day?

Here are the Top 10 Things Pets Do When We Aren’t Home: NaturPet edition!

1. Raid the fridge for snacks

cat and dog looking through the fridge at night time

2. Bid on scratching posts on eBay

two cats using a laptop with books in the background


3. Cook a lovely meal

a dog about to eat a chicken leg meal

4. Play board games to pass the time

cat and dog playing chess on the coffee table


5. Have a spa day at home

cat and dog enjoying a spa day at home


6. Snuggle up in your bed, even though you’ve told them not to

big dog laying on the bed


7. Make some popcorn and watch Netflix all day

Dog in a pink house coat sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching tv at home


8. Destroy all the toilet paper for some weird reason

cat and dog destroying a roll of toilet paper


9. Nap the day away

two dogs napping under a wool blanket


10. Stare vacantly out the front window thinking you have left them for good this time

black and white dog staring out the window of his home

The only way to truly know what they do all day is to get a camera. (this one even gives out treats!) This way you can keep an eye on them, plus get some entertainment when you are away. Whatever they do in the house, they probably just miss us the whole time.




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