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Natural Remedies for Coughs in Dogs and Cats

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July 4, 2018
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Natural remedies for a cough in dogs and cats are important to have on hand for many reasons. Our pets can experience different types of coughs over their lifetime. Some coughs require the immediate attention of a veterinarian. Other, milder conditions can are manageable with more natural options. Here are a few reasons your pet might start to cough.

  • Kennel Cough (in dogs) and other bronchial infections
    Barking cough. Any infection should be treated by your veterinarian of choice. Infection can spread quickly so it is best to address this using conventional medicines.
  • Asthma
    Coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Gums may be pale or blue. Animals can have “asthma attacks” which are recurring difficulty breathing. Typically referred to as “allergic bronchitis” in dogs.
  • Tracheal Collapse
    Often seen in small breeds, with general exercise intolerance, gagging while eating and drinking
  • Something stuck in the throat
    Usually accompanied by a gagging sound and the animal licking his lips and making swallowing motion. If your pet can’t cough it up consult your vet.
  • Smoke Inhalation
    Coughing accompanied by difficulty breathing or breathing rapidly. Gums can be bright red. Eye redness and squinting are a sign of smoke irritation as well.

Herbs for Healthy Lung Function

There are many herbs for improving lung function. Some work by calming the muscles of the bronchioles and nasal passages. Many herbs for lung health also help to boost the immune system. This is helpful when dealing with a cough caused by an infection.

Soothing expectorant – This action reduces muscle spasms in the respiratory tract while helping to remove debris from the lungs. Helpful in asthma, kennel cough, and dry spastic cough. Examples include: Wild Cherry Bark, Marshmallow, Licorice.

Mucolytic/Anti-catarrhal – Mucolytic herbs work by breaking down excess mucous in the breathing passages. Particularly helpful with under-productive coughing. Examples include: Elderberry, Plantain, Peppermint

Nourishing respiratory tonic – These herbs nourish the respiratory tract and tonify the function of the lung. Examples include: Horsetail, Plantain, Hyssop

Immune Stimulator – Lung herbs like horseradish have immune-stimulating abilities. Meaning that they help to prime the immune system so that it is ready to defend the body. Examples include: Echinacea, Wild Indigo, Pokeroot

Antimicrobials – Herbs with antimicrobial actions work more like an antibiotic, helping to kill bacteria on contact. Examples include: Garlic, Echinacea, Thuja

Lung Care

NaturPet Lung Care contains Wild Cherry Bark, Hyssop Herb, and Horseradish Root to help take care of your pet’s lung health. Use coupon code COUGHBLOG for 30% off Lung Care at checkout!

Lindsey Eadie, CNP
Lindsey Eadie, CNP
Lindsey is a Holistic Nutritionist who graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC on the Dean’s Honors list where she learned the true healing abilities of whole foods, herbs, and supplemental nutrients. After graduation she worked as a Natural Health Advisor for an integrative pharmacy where she used her nutrition and orthomolecular knowledge to promote the wellbeing of all her clients, including the furry four-legged ones. Her passion for natural health has directly benefited her allergy-riddled female Pyrenes/Bernese Mountain dog named Astro and her anxious Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog Bella. She is currently applying all her knowledge to her position at NaturPet Inc. as an Educator and Account Manager, spreading awareness of natural health alternatives for optimal pet health.

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