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1Can I use NaturPet products on cats and dogs?
All of our products can be used for your dogs and most are great for cats too. Cats do not tolerate essential oils and some herbal ingredients. Our products are always labeled "for cats and dogs" or "for dogs only", so please be sure to read the label to see if the product is suitable for your pet.
2My pet hates taking medicine - how can I get my pet to take the liquid products?
For sensitive pets, try starting with a small portion of the recommended dose and increase it daily until you reach the full recommended dose. Simply drop the recommended dosage onto your pet’s food (wet or dry), onto a treat, or into a small amount of water. Be sure they eat all of it – sometimes placing it on a small portion prior to giving them their full meal portion helps you to know that they have taken the full dose. Discard any that remains at the end of the day and start with a fresh dose daily.
3Can I continue to use NaturPet products on a long term basis?
Most NaturPet products can be used on an ongoing basis. Be sure to check the bottle for dosing instructions. We also suggest that you refer to Question 5 for more information about long term use of products. Products meant for short term use only will indicate the duration of use on the label.
4Can I use two or more NaturPet products simultaneously?
Many NaturPet products can be used in combination for a well-rounded health routine for your pet. Combining of any health products should be done with care as follows: Introduce one product at a time, at least a week apart so you can observe how your pet tolerates each product. If two or more of the products contain some of the same herbs, alternate the dosages throughout the day or use on alternate days. (e.g. NaturPet Trauma Recovery and Arthritis Relief are very effective when used in conjunction with each other but they contain three of the same herbs).
5If my pet has been using NaturPet products long term for prevention or treatment, should I take my pet off of the products from time to time?
Natural products are meant to encourage your pet’s body to function properly. We recommend that you give your pet the opportunity to use their own body in the recovery process: Use the product as recommended for two weeks. Week 3: Day 1-2 Slowly reduce the dosage. Day 3-5 Allow your pet to go without the herbal product for these three days. Day 6-7 Slowly increase the herbs back to the recommended dosage. Observe your pet for their response. If their pain or discomfort returns at any time, simply resume use of the product as recommended on the label.
6How can I weigh my pet accurately?
Simply weigh yourself as you normally would. Then, hold your pet and step back on the scale - the difference will be the weight of your pet!
7The dosage chart on the box does not include the weight of my small pet. Does this mean I can’t use the product?
Dosages for NaturPet products relate to a weight range for use with cats and dogs; if you are concerned because your pet is at the lower end of the weight range, start with half of the recommended dose and increase it a little every two days up to the recommended dose so you can observe your pet’s tolerance to the herbal product. For any other small pets (gerbils, guinea pigs, etc), we advise you to consult with your vet regarding use of herbal products.
8My dog has dry skin that irritates him. He sometimes gets rashes, bumps, and hot spots from scratching. What should I do?
We recommend starting with Life Flow, a great nutritive blood cleanser that helps rid the body of built up allergens / toxins. Then consider using one of our topical products: Our Paw & Skin Cream can be applied to small areas of irritation to calm irritated skin and promote healing. It can also be applied to cracked or tender paws. Healing Spray is a wonderful antiseptic first aid spray that can help prevent and/or heal infected wounds. Some dogs develop skin conditions because of adverse reactions to food, to bedding fabrics, to cleaning products used in the home and/or to something they may have been exposed to outside. Review your pet’s diet, and observe your pet’s habits to establish if their skin condition may be linked to environmental sources.
9Are herbal products good for aging pets who are slowing down and have low energy?
Older pets often have low energy levels from sluggish adrenal systems and/or poor nutritional absorption. NaturPet's Vital Energy helps to cleanse the adrenal system and Multi-Minerals promotes proper absorption of the natural vitamins contained in your pet’s diet. Joint Care can help relieve arthritic pain that may be slowing your aging pet down. Be sure your pet is receiving a proper diet and exercise.
10My pet has joint pain to the point where he sometimes limps. What can help?
Many pets develop joint issues as they age. The most important thing you can do is keep your pet at a healthy weight. Extra pounds add excess stress to the joints. For pets suffering from arthritis, NaturPet’s Joint Care formula helps to remove calcium deposits and provides pain relief for aching joints and muscles. For pets suffering from sprains, strains or fractures, try Trauma Recovery. This product promotes cellular repair and provides the pain relief your pet needs.
11Help! My pet has worms. What do I do?
Worms and parasites are a common problem with pets and NaturPet's D Wormer is a unique and powerful blend of herbs that works to create an environment that is unwelcoming to those pests. Please note: This product is for short term use; it must be used past the point of no longer seeing worms in order to ensure that the intestinal tract is unsuitable for pests during the full life cycle of the parasite – read the label carefully.
12My cat suffers from Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Is there a natural treatment for this?
Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is a broad term that is used to cover a number of conditions associated with the feline lower urinary tract. A Vet should always make the decision on treating your cats FLUTD. For long term support or prevention, the herbs found in the NaturPet Urinary Care have been shown to reduce the symptoms and re-occurrence of urinary tract infections and disease.
13Can natural herbs be used for tumours and chronic illness?
It is hard to see your pet suffering from a chronic illness. Our Chronic Recovery and Cell Care can support your pet in their battle against help chronic illness and disease. High in both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these products contain herbs that help to boost your pet’s immune function.
14Can Ear Drops be used for cleaning or are they just used during infections?
A great tool for cleaning your pet’s ears, Ear Drops can also help to soften and prevent wax build up in your pet’s ears. Wiping the outer ear area with Ear Drops promotes healthy skin and can help provide protection against infection and mites.
15Do you have a product that will help my anxious and stressed pet?
Thunderstorms, changes in family members, travel, kennel stays, and aging are examples of factors that can result in your pet being stressed and anxious. NaturPet’s Home Alone helps to calm pets who are demonstrating anxious behaviour such as shaking and cowering, hiding, destructiveness, and extreme barking/ howling.
16Will Lung Care help with my dog’s Asthma?
Lung Care is not a direct treatment for asthma but it is a great product for treating chronic respiratory issues that may be associated with asthma such as bronchitis. Lung Care has expectorant properties that helps clear mucus buildup from your pet’s lungs. It also contains herbs with antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties that are useful in treating chronic respiratory conditions.
17Does my pet need a mineral product if they are getting a good diet?
NaturPet’s Multi-Minerals is actually a unique blend that goes beyond the average "supplement". It activates your pet’s metabolism to improve the absorption rate of the vitamins and nutrients that your pet is already getting through a healthy diet. It cleanses your pet’s body of toxins that can block absorption and it provides a nutritional support to fill in any gaps in your pet’s diet.
18Do you have a product you can recommend to boost my pet’s overall health?
Healthy diet, regular exercise and lots of love will all go a long way to promoting good health in your pet’s life. However, we can’t always control what our pet’s are exposed to during the day and products like household cleaners, automotive chemicals and gardening herbicides or pesticides can quickly interfere with healthy body function. Life Flow is a nutritive blood cleanser that carries healthy nutrients throughout your pet’s body while helping to eliminated toxins that may be building up to compromise your pet’s health.
19My dog has had ongoing health issues for the last two years, what do you recommend?
Chronic Recovery is a great rejuvenating product for pets – especially those suffering from chronic illness. It contains powerful antioxidants to help boost your pet’s immune response, cleansing herbs that help release and expel toxins from the body, herbs that help fight infections and nutritive herbs to strengthen the internal organs and the glandular system.
20My breed of dog in known to have eye issues. What do you recommend?
We recommend Vision Care which contains Bilberry, a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the cells of the eye from free radical damage. Vision Care promotes healthy blood circulation to the eye to increase the flow of oxygen and provides nutrients for improved function.

General Product Info

1Is sediment a concern?
NaturPet products are all natural and may contain some herbal sediment. Sediment is completely normal and does not affect the efficacy of the product! Give the bottle a good shake and continue to use as recommended.
2Why do NaturPet products sometimes vary in colour from one bottle to the next?
NaturPet products may vary in colour from batch to batch. The cause of the colour variation is due to the herb used in the product. The herb’s natural colour may vary due to factors such as the time of year it was harvested, the geographical region where it was grown, and/or the life stage the herb. The difference is colour does not negatively impact the efficacy of the product as the correct amount of medicinal ingredients is always used in the manufacturing process.
3Some NaturPet products solidify when put in the fridge. Is this okay?
Some herbal products tend to solidify at slightly colder temperatures. Simply let the bottle warm to room temperature on its own or run the bottle under some warm water to restore the product to its original state before measuring for dosing. Products are safe to be put back in the fridge repeatedly.
4Can I make a poultice with the products?
Poultices can be an effective way to treat a localized wound or aching muscles/joints. NaturPet products such as Healing Spray, Trauma Recovery, Paw & Skin cream are suitable for poultices. Poultices can be created by applying product to sterile gauze or other sterile material. Spread over the area to be treated such as an aching, inflamed, or wounded muscle or joint. Wrap and secure in place.
5Do Veterinarians approve of and recommend NaturPet products?
Yes, NaturPet has had Vets using and recommending our products for over 15 years. As a matter of fact, Vets were involved in the formulation of our NaturPet line. Natural herbal remedies can be extremely effective without many of the side-effects which are often associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Always consult your Vet prior to using herbal products, especially if prescription drugs are already in use.
6What are the manufacturing guidelines for NaturPet products?
All NaturPet products are manufactured under GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practices) in a Canadian facility. NaturPet products are manufactured according to the same food grade standards required for natural health products manufactured for human consumption.
7Why do some products contain alcohol?
Some customers have expressed concern about the alcohol used in the preparation of herbal extracts but we want to reassure you of the safety of the small amount of alcohol used in our products. NaturPet oral products contain very low levels of alcohol (6%) which is why they must be refrigerated after being opened. Pure grain ethanol provides the best release of active ingredients and acts as the best carrier to provide rapid absorption for fast results.
8What is the shelf life of the products once they have been opened?
Ointments and drops have a shelf life of three years when properly stored at room temperature: Keep the ointment clean by using a clean swab / finger for each application. Ointments can become unstable if exposed to high temperatures. NaturPet’s oral products must be refrigerated after opening when indicated on the label. These products can be kept for up to 6 months if properly stored in the fridge. All other products have a shelf life of at least 6 years.

Retail & Wholesale Info

1I am a Pet Owner. Where can I buy NaturPet Products?
NaturPet products can be found in Specialty Pet Stores as well as Health Food Stores. See our store finder to find a store near you.
2I am a Pet Store owner or website owner. How can I go about carrying the NaturPet line?
We would love to welcome you as a retailer. We sell both direct to retailers as well as through many distributors. Please fill out our web form and one of our NaturPet sales representatives will contact you.
3I am a distributor and am interested in the NaturPet line. Are you taking on new distributors?
Yes, we are always interested in working with new distributors. Please fill in our web form and we'll be in touch shortly!